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Current projects
‘Media & Security – Consolidating the Bridges’
Funded by the European Union, 2010 - 2012
This project is a second phase project that builds on the results from ‘Bridging Gaps – Security Forces & Journalists Rights’, a project finalized in 2010. The objectives of this project are to overcome the lack of access of Palestinian journalists to information related to Palestinian security and rule of law and to build trust between the media and official Palestinian security and judiciary staff. As part of this project, AMIN trains both journalists on how to report on security and rule of law related issues, as well as public relations officers and other personnel of the Palestinian security apparatus and judiciary institutions on how to deal with media, journalists’ rights etc. In addition, AMIN organizes joint workshops for journalists and security and judiciary personnel and produces TV talk shows and a radio show on various topics related to security and rule of law.
’Marginalized Voices – Media Capacity Building for Local Civil Society Organizations’
Funded by USAID/Catholic Relief Services (CRS), 2010 - 2012 

The objective of this project is to enable public relation officers of marginalized local civil society organizations in the West Bank to utilize and interact with media efficiently and to convey their message to decision makers and to the Palestinian general public.
The participants are trained in order to improve their social media skills and media production capabilities, including print, audio, and video. In addition, AMIN organizes joint workshops and town hall meetings for the public relations officers and Palestinian Authority officials in order to address and resolve issues of concern. 

‘Using Social Media as a Tool for Advocacy, Pressurizing, and Self-Marketing’
Funded by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), 2011 – 2012
Our Gaza office has implemented this Youth Social Media Training Program, training 20 young Palestinian youths from Gaza on how to use social media for advocacy, pressurizing, and self-marketing. The objective of this training program is for youth to be more actively engaged in democracy and to use social media as a tool for change. This will increase pluralism and improve the democratic dialogue and active participatory dialogue in the Palestine. In addition to the training sessions, the participants will produce a short film that will be hosted on the AMIN website and they will organize Social Media Café meetings.
Past projects
’Citizen Media – A Tool for Change’ 

Funded by UNESCO - IPDC, 2011 - 2012

Through this project a total number of 60 students and social media activists from both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have been trained to create and produce social media content. The training focused on the production of videos, photos, audio pieces, and articles on topics such as human rights, freedom of expression, social issues, good governance and democracy, daily Palestinian life, and human interest and personal success stories, in order to stimulate a positive change in and out of Palestine by creating a pluralistic and alternative citizen media.This alternative media platform has increased the access to information through citizen journalism and blogs on the internet, overcoming physical and geographical obstacles & barriers and connecting communities.
‘Amin Media Project for Positive Change’
Funded by UNESCO – The Goodwill Ambassador’s Project, 2010 – 2011
This project’s objective was to improve the quality and quantity of blogging and citizen journalism in Palestine. A total number of 60 Palestinian bloggers from both the West Bank and Gaza were trained on an advanced level by an international trainer. The training provided the participants with up-to-date skills and tools in the field of social media and blogging, including photo- and video-taking skills.          
‘Media Capacity Building for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education’
Funded by USAID/Chemonics, 2010 – 2011
The result of this project was a better communication between the public and the two ministries. Both media officers and director generals from both ministries were trained on various topics like media campaigns, press releases, press statements etc. Workshops were also organized and using their newly obtained skills the media officers produced a number of radio and TV shows.
‘Strengthening Palestinian Participatory Democracy and Public Dialogue’

Funded by UNDEF, 2009 - 2011 

The objective of this project was to increase the level of access to information, freedom of expression, dialogue and participatory democratic practices through blogging and citizen journalism to bridge the gap between people, communities, and the Palestinian Authority. AMIN, in partnership with UNESCO, trained a total of 1167 media professionals, students, academics, activists, women, and youth on blogging, citizen journalism, social media concepts, tools, and techniques.
For a complete overview of all AMIN’s projects from 2008 to date, please be referred to the Activity Report.

AMIN Web Portal for Blogs
With financial support from UNESCO in 2007, AMIN created the first and only Palestinian web portal for blogs. Up to date, more than 1500 blogs are covering numerous cultural, economical, political, and social issues AMIN believes that blogging has a unique influence on the community as it gives individuals a voice and the power to express their opinions freely without feeling threatened
Social Media Awards
In 2012, AMIN will hand out several social media awards to youth and social media activists from both the West Bank and Gaza, who use social media as a tool for advocacy, pressurizing and self-marketing.
PalConnect PalConnect.ps
As part of the first Social Media Conference ‘PalConnect’ funded by the US Consulate and organized by AMIN in December 2011 (see ‘Events’ for more information), AMIN will hand out a cash prize of $ 3000 dollars each for the two best social media initiatives from both the West Bank and Gaza. The cash prize should be used to implement the awarded initiatives.
Youth Social Media Training
To be able to participate in the Youth Social Media Training, ‘Using Social Media as a Tool for Advocacy, Pressurizing, and Self-Marketing’ (see ‘Current Projects’ for more information), social activists had to submit a social media initiative. The three best initiatives will receive an award and assistance and financing to implement the idea.
Citizen Media – A Tool for Change
As part of the project ‘Citizen Media – A Tool for Change’, AMIN will hand out awards to two trainees, one from the West Bank and one from the Gaza Strip, that produced the best social media projects.
AMIN News website
The news section of the AMIN website was created in 1996 and has become a large source of Arabic language news on the internet. Amin.org serves as safe haven were journalists can post articles that other media outlets will not publish because of the sensitivity of the content or for other reasons. Over the past year, Amin.org had an average of 2400 visitors a day.
Social Media Conference
PalConnect.ps, 2011
In 2011, AMIN organized the first Social Media Conference in Palestine, a three-day-event that brought around 500 Palestinian social media activists from all across Palestine together. Both national and international speakers chaired workshops and penal discussions on four different themes: educational social media, business and social media, IT and social media and advocacy and social media. Through this conference, more awareness was created on the crucial role social media can have in Palestine when it is used as a tool for positive change. The conference promoted self-expression and encouraged Palestinians, particularly marginalized groups with marginalized voices, to express themselves and to use social media tools to convey their messages.
Palestinian Media Conference
2007, 2009 and 2010
Since 2007, AMIN organized three Palestinian Media Conferences.  These conferences provide a platform for media professionals to discuss different issues related to their profession, local predicaments and the role of the media.
Journalists, columnists, editors in chief and reporters from across the West Bank and Gaza Strip attend the conferences.  The respective themes were:
2010 - Towards a Professional & Effective Journalists’ Syndicate 

2008 - Palestinian Media: Fourth Estate or Exacerbating Internal Strife?

2007 - Towards a Professional and Democratic Palestinian Media – The Role of Local Media in the Internal Crisis

Annual Palestinian Women Media Award
Since 2009, AMIN organizes the annual Palestinian Women Media Award event. Not only is an award given to a female journalist for her unique and notable work in the media field but the event is also
an opportunity for women to discuss various issues of concern to Palestinian women journalists.

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