The Grandfather and the grandson, the story of the struggle of a nation to survive

By: Dr. Salim Nazzal

Yesterday, the 9th of April, the Israeli forces killed the Palestinian freedom fighter Ahmed Al-Saadi in a military campaign in Jenin camp. It also wounded 19 people with various wounds. Then measured the house of the young Palestinian Raad, who earlier this week attacked the Zionists in Tel Aviv to blow up the house. The law for demolishing the home of freedom fighters dates back to the time of the British occupation. The collective punishment was made to suppress Palestinians who opposed the British approach to making Palestine a national home for the Jews. Golani forces led the attack on the Jenin refugee camp. It is an elite force named after a Zionist terrorist from the Hagana Jewish terrorist organization, killed by Palestinian villagers in Galilee in 1948.

This campaign comes in the wake of the increasing Zionist repression that exploits the world’s preoccupation with the war in Ukraine to steal Palestinian lands further and oppress the Palestinian people. This repression led to resistance attacks by Palestinian youths in the heart of Tel Aviv that caused great panic among the Zionist settlers.

Ahmed is the grandson of the Palestinian freedom fighter Farhan Al-Saadi. The British hanged him in 1937 during the Palestinian revolt against the British occupation forces, which suppressed the Palestinian people to replace them with the Jews of Europe.

Farhan al-Saadi is considered one of the prominent freedom fighters in the history of the Palestinian struggle. He participated in the 1929 revolution and arrested by the occupying British authorities for three years on charges of rebellion against the occupying power. Then he participated in the 1936 revolution and was hanged the year after.

So it’s not far from the truth to say that the Palestinian struggle is one of the hardest struggles in modern history where the whole west is united to support the Zionist occupation. At the same time, do not hesitate to give lectures on human rights, which is no more than hypocrisy and lies. 

The Palestinian modern history is a revolution followed by revolution, and the grandson receives the will from his father or Grandfather to continue the struggle. It is more than the story of a grandson and Grandfather, but rather a story of a people who struggle for their freedom and reject humiliation and occupation.

* A Palestinian researcher, lecturer playright and poet. - salim_nazzal@yahoo.com